Pooja-Annusthan Solution

 Pooja-Annusthan Solution

With our Astrologer Pandit KashiRam Shastri Ji, do puja and anus than to remove the negativity from your life. Pooja-Annusthan Solution

We help to reduce the ill effects of planets and related problems by conducting puja as per the rituals properly.

Pooja For Finances

Financial worries or lack of financial inputs can lead to disastrous mental and physical states.

Finances are required for meeting daily expenses and to nurture and nourish all our aspirations and plans.

Without adequate finances at hand, there can be no growth and development.

Love Problems Specialist Pandit KashiRam Shastri

Thus the necessity arises to find a way that helps in directing all the energies and concentrated efforts towards ensuring financial inflows.

Through “Pooja Vidhi” for finances, Special prayers are performed for the deities to empower the blessings for imparting finances and wealth to the aspirants.

Pooja For Child

To bear and raise beautiful, intelligent, healthy and caring children is the dream of every couple in a married relationship.

Proper caring, imparting the right “sanskars”, confidence building, development of the right habits and creation of appropriate circumstances leads the aspirants to this goal.

At times children may come under evil planetary influences resulting in a hindrance to their growth, development and positive actions.

Our “Pooja Vidhi” for the child helps take care of meeting aspiration of having a child, being blessed with children of attitude and aptitude and steer them to leading a successful healthy life can help.

 Pooja-Annusthan Solution | Pooja For Relationship

Cultivation, nourishment, and maintenance of positive Relationships with friends, relatives, parents, children etc., are vital aspects of the “way of life” that mark the attainment of peace, prosperity, and harmony for individuals.

Envy, thought behaviors and actions pose stern challenges towards the upkeep of relationships. Negative planetary influences further add to the plight.

Undertaking “Pooja Vidhi” for Relationship helps in accelerating the process of steering relationships to harmonious and compatible outcomes.

 Pooja-Annusthan Solution
Pooja-Annusthan Solution

This results in peace, prosperity, and growth.

“Pooja for Relationship” includes performing Worship and rituals for Goddess Durga, Guru (Jupiter), Ketu (the southern node of the moon), Mangal (Kuja /Mars), Rāhu (the northern node of the moon), Shukra (Venus), Lord Satyanarayana.

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